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E2 Visa Process Information Page

Video explanation of the process from start to finish with examples

Flash Audio The visa process can be confusing if you don't know what to expect. By following the steps listed below and having us work alongside you, the process should go smoothly.

Gathering your documents
Flash Audio The best place to start on the visa process is gathering your documents. If you have all of these items available, you can feel confident that you are ahead of the game. From there, you can just follow the steps as the process moves along.To save documents to your computer, right-click your mouse and choose "Save Target As..." Here they are:

2 sets of sealed transcripts from your College or University (less than 6 months old) (Sample)
Apostilled or Notarized photocopy of your degree (no original degrees accepted)
Copy of your resume
Copy of your passport picture page
Your passport
Signed contract
4 passport-sized photos
Clean federal criminal record check (click link for details of what is required and where to obtain it) (be sure to keep a photocopy for yourself as it may be requested again) (Sample)
Apostille on criminal record check or notarization for Canadians (Apostille Sample) (Canadian notarization sample)
Pre-employment health check (self-completed form, click here to download)
E2 document printable checklist (click here to download)
Visa application form (if mailing and not going in person)
$45 US Dollars or $65 Canadian Dollars (approximately, be sure to check)
The address and phone number of your nearest Korean consulate (below)
Note starting Spring of 2012 local Ministries of Education are now requiring teachers to submit a background check as well as a photocopy of their diploma. These documents are required after arriving in Korea so when gathering your documents please make 2 separate copies.

Phase 1 of Visa Process

Flash Audio
1.Mail the following documents to your employer to the address specified. Use Fedex or DHL, or as per school's instructions.

1. Your Apostilled photocopy of your degree (Korean Consulate notarized for Canadians)
2. A copy of your resume
3. A copy of your passport picture page (copy only, not your passport)
4. Signed contract
5. 2 passport-sized photos
6. Clean criminal record check (click link for details of what is required)
7. Pre-employment health-check (self-completed form, click here to download)
8. E2 document printable checklist (click here to download)

2. It's waiting time. The school will take these documents to be verified by the Korean Immigration department. If all documents are valid, they will issue a visa issuance letter, or a visa acceptance number. Process takes about 7-10 days.
3. Tired of waiting? OK, time for some action. You will receive the visa issuance letter by mail for public schools, or the visa confirmation number by e-mail for private schools.
4. Time to move on to Phase 2 below.

Phase 2 of Visa Process

Flash Audio
1.Once you receive the confirmation number or letter, you will bring or mail the following to your local consulate. (see below for mailing instructions)

1. Visa issuance letter or number received via e-mail
2. Your actual passport (must be sent if processing by mail)
3. Visa application form. Right-Click and choose "Save target as..."
PDF Format or just click and print.
4. 2 passport-sized photos
5. Money order, bank draft, or cash if going in person. Average US Dollars: $45 and Canadian Dollars: $65 but verify with your local consulate first.
6. A set of sealed transcripts. (note: some consulates don't require them, but many do. This is why we say to order two sets. One goes to Korea and one stays with you)
Timeline: The consulates average 5-10 days for processing. Some can do it in one day, but that's unusual. If you are processing via mail, factor in extra days.

2. Before going anywhere, or mailing anything, you should contact your local consulate and ask the following questions:

1. Is this address still valid?
2. What is the cost to process an E2 visa at your location?
3. What method of payment do you accept?
4. How would you like me to mail the information? What service, and what type of return envelope?
5. How many days will it take to process?
6. Do you require an interview and how is it conducted?
3. Your local Korean consulate will now verify the documents you've sent them, and once approved, they will stamp your passport with the E2 visa and either you will pick it up, or they will mail it to you, depending on the process you've chosen.
4. Instructions for mailing:

If you do not live close enough to a Korean consulate to go in person, you will have to send your documents via mail to be processed. Note that the consulate will not pay for a courier to return your passport and documents, so you must include a pre-paid envelope in your package. Most consulates in Canada and the United States prefer using Canada Post or USPS express envelopes. As noted above, check with your local consulate for their preference.

Please be sure to use Overnight Service in order to get the documents to the consulate as quickly as possible. There have been cases of flights being missed because of using a slower service, so please be sure to use the quickest possible.

Mailing adds extra time to the process, so be sure to have everything ready and then you can mail your package as soon as you receive your confirmation number. Don't wait to call, otherwise, everything may get delayed. This applies even if you are going in person. Having your documents prepared will make everything run smoother.

Application form explained
There are a few areas of the application form that may cause confusion. They are explained here. Any items that don't apply to you, just mark N/A.

Box 11 Issuing Authority: The nation of your citizenship
Box 19 Purpose of Entry: To teach English for _______(school name).
Box 21 Desired Length of Stay: 1 year
Box 23 Address in Korea: Use your school's address and phone number.
Box 27 Who will pay for your trip?: Give your school's name.
Box 31 Reference in Korea: Give your school director's name and contact info.

Visa application form. Right-Click and choose "Save target as..."
PDF Format or just click and print.

Japan Visa Run
Flash Audio There are certain times when a school is looking to have a teacher arrive quickly and there is not time to do the traditional process. It may be that one of their current teachers had to leave for a family emergency, or perhaps business is going well and they have a lot of new students but not enough teachers.

In this situation, they will invite the teacher to come as soon as possible and fly the teacher to South Korea right away. If you were to do this, you would bring all of the required documents along with you, and enter Korea on a tourist visa. Once you are settled into your apartment and with your school, the visa process will begin as noted above, but with you in Korea.

Instead of going to your local consulate, you will go to the Korean consulate in Japan, usually the one in Fukuoka. The cost is taken care of by the school. This can be a one or two day trip. It is quite common and not difficult to do. We have provided instructions on how to do the "visa run" in Word format.

Click here to download instructions on the Japan visa run.
(right click and "save target as... to save)

List of consulates and embassies Click to download in Word format

View Larger Map
United States of America
Atlanta: 229 Peachtree St., Suite 500 International Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 522-1611
Serves: AL, FL, GA, NC, PR, SC, TN, Virgin Islands
One Gateway Center 2nd Fl.
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 641-2830
Serves: NH, RI, ME, MA, VT
NBC Tower Suite 2700
455 North Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 822-9485
Serves: IL, IN, IO, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE,
2756 Pali Highway
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
(808) 595-6109
Serves: American Samoa, HI
1990 Post Oak Blvd., #1250
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 961-0186
Serves: AR, LA, OK, MI, TX
Los Angeles
3243 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 385-9300
Serves: AZ, NV, NM, S.CA
New York
460 Park Ave., 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10022
(646) 674-6073, (212) 692-9120
Serves: CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA, WV
San Francisco
3500 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 84118
(415) 921-2251
Serves: CO, N.CA, UT, WY
2033 Sixth Ave., #1125
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-1011
Serves: ID, MT, OR, WA
Korean Embassy
2320 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 939-5661
1002 Sherbrooke Street West Suite 2500 Montreal, Quebec H3A 3L6
(514) 845-3243/44
555 Avenue Road,
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J7
1600-1090 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7
(604) 681-9581
Korean Embassy
150 Boteler Street Ottawa
Ontario, K1N 5A6
United Kingdom
Korean Embassy
60 Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6AJ United Kingdom
((44-(0)171) 227-5505
United Overseas Bank Building
Level 8, 32 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
(61 2 9221 3866)
(G.P.O.Box 1601 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia)
Korean Embassy
113 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia (61-2)6270-4100
New Zealand
350 Queen Street,
Auckalnd, New Zealand
( P. O. BOX 5744 Wllesley Street
Auckland, New Zealand )
Korean Embassy
11th Floor, ASB Bank Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington, New Zealand
( P.O.BOX 11-143, Manners Street, Wellington, New Zealand)
South Africa
Korean Embassy
Greenpark Estates Building No.3,27
George Storrar Drive
Groenkloof, Pretoria Republic of South Africa

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