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Thank you for visiting our Korean video page. Basically, this is a collection of videos taken in Korea by various people and uploaded to youtube.com, the video sharing site. They were originally posted on the ASK Now Blog.

It should be a good way for you to see what Korea is like if it's your first time, or to be reminded of some fun things if you've been to Korea before. If you have a video of your own that you would like to share, please contact us and Cialis online let us know.

Video from Jennifer McMaster, one of our staff and former teacher

Video from our Halloween Party 2008

Directions to SMOE office for in-person interviews

Here is a video from our ski trip to Yongpyong Resort in February 2008.

This video is from our April 7th party at Carne Station in Seoul. Possibly our best event yet! We had a very big crowd, and I think everyone had a great time.

Here is the video we made from the ASK Now and ETO Christmas Party 2006. It was a great time, and a great way to get to meet a lot of our teachers. Enjoy!


This is a video from one of our clients, Tom. He is living and teaching in Changwon and is taking advantage of all that's around him.

Here is a video worth watching. It shows a couple of foreign teachers in Korea who are greeted and have a conversation with some middle-school students. This is classic. I don't know how many times I've been involved in a situation like this!


Here is a lovely video montage of some clips of Seoul at night. Very nicely done with some relaxing music in the background. About 3 minutes long

Here is a quick 20 second video tour of a teacher in Korea's apartment. All apartments are different, so I'll try to get a few more clips for you to enjoy if you're considering teaching English in South Korea

This is a video apartment tour by a guy named Jason (not me) who lives in the city of Pohang, South Korea. This is a great tour, where you can see what the laundry facilities are like, and what the bathrooms are like. It is also good to note that when teaching in smaller areas like Pohang, the apartments tend to be bigger than they are in Seoul, since real estate there is more expensive.

Here is a video of a Seoul apartment. It's kind of funny because this guy re-furnished his place with stuff "from the street" as he says. In Korea, people get new furniture quite often, and you'll always hear stories of us foreigners finding stuff at night that we think is great, and sneaking off with someone else's garbage, thinking we just hit the jackpot. Very amusing!

This next clip is from a "smaller city", Wonju. There is no inside footage, just some views from a high apartment of some other apartment buildings etc...



Here is a video of a couple of English teachers in South Korea enjoying a rain storm. I bet they'll keep their windows closed next time!



And this is proof... I forgot one of the reasons I enjoy being in Korea: anything can happen, and it's entertaining! For example, you're shopping in a department store and some guy comes along with his buddies holding an ol' school ghetto blaster, and this guy starts dancing and "popping" throughout the store, gathering a crowd. Why not? You're in a city of millions, and people sometimes want to stand out. This is the way to do it!

Start seeing the crazy stuff yourself...Apply here Here is a clip of a crew called 5Boro skateboarding in Seoul and surrounding areas. I recognize quite a few of the places they are riding at. Aside from the good views of some Korean city locations, these guys actually pull off some pretty sick moves. Jason



I really enjoyed this 2 1/2 minute clip. It's an English teacher in Korea leaving his apartment and going to work on his motorbike. Reasons I like it: 1. It shows a smaller Korean city (Gumi) and how smaller places still have lots going on. 2. It really hits home of what it's like living day to day in South Korea. It really gave me the feeling of being there on an average day, heading off to school to teach your regular classes (yet so much is going on all around) 3. The pace is quick and it shows how a foreigner has been able to integrate himself into Korea, enjoying things as he learns about his new country. The real deal. Enjoy, and thanks to the person who made the video. Jason



Feeling romantic? Why not rent a 2-seater bike and go for a tour around a park or down by the river? This couple has the right idea!



Well, if you enjoy inline skating, otherwise known as rollerblading, you should certainly bring your skates with you. There are plenty of places to skate, and lots to do whether you enjoy slalom, agressive, or just plain skating around. Here is a clip of some local Koreans using the infrastructure well. Jason P.S. Can you find a picture of me inline skating in Korea?



First a disclaimer: There is plenty of Western style food in South Korea. You can pretty much eat whatever you want, the same as you would back home. Second, there are plenty of non-seafood dishes in South Korea. But, if you're feeling adventurous and want something to write home about, there are some great options in Korea. Before going to Korea for the first time, I was one of the pickiest eaters around. This fact could be easily confirmed by my friend's and family in Canada. But, I expanded my horizons when in Korea. I started eating (and enjoying) things that I would never even come close to touching before. That's great because now I have no fear of going out to restaurants. I know I'll find something I enjoy. The same goes for eating at other people's places. That used to be a nightmare, but now it's a non-issue. Some things I tried in Korea: live squid, live octopus, chicken feet, and chicken intestines. This video features a Korean girl showing her foreign boyfriend the proper way to enjoy live squid in Busan's famous seafood market. The second clip is one of three other Canadians and Americans in Seoul at the Garak market, also enjoying the new experience. Well done folks, nice to see some brave representatives from abroad! Yummy. Jason



Here is a great video from maryeats.com She gives a good overview of street food in Korea. Mmmmm...making me hungry! I love Hoddukk and it's hard for me to walk by without buying one! (kind of like a brown sugar stuffed pancake) Enjoy the video and when you are in Korea, be sure to try a lot of this stuff.



Busan is a great place to go as well. It's at the southern tip of the peninsula. Here is a short clip of one of the beaches there. I'm guessing it's not summer because there would be way more people. Go for a walk along the beach and enjoy South Korea! Jason



Koreans love to climb mountains! Over 80% of Korea is mountainous terrain, so it's obvious why Koreans have taken up the hobby. At times, you can see some funny outfits being worn by Korean hikers. Basically, anywhere you are, you are close to a mountain path of some sort. Personally, I also enjoy mountain biking through a lot of these trails. If you like mountain biking, you'll find all kinds of great places to ride. So, get out there and enjoy the hills!



OK, So perhaps this clip isn't of much value, I'll admit. It's just a 30 second clip of going across a bridge in a bus. But, if you were wondering if you should teach in Korea, and you really wanted to know what it would be like to drive across a bridge in a bus, here you go!



I always enjoy coming across people who know how to enjoy themselves during their time in South Korea. This girl named Leanne seems to be doing great. This clip is basically a slide show of her in South Korea. There are some good shots, and I like the overall feel of the show. Well done Leanne, keep having fun. By the way, if you have a video on Youtube or anywhere else that you think would fit in, feel free to e-mail us and we can add it here. Jason


Insadong is an area in Seoul that features traditional arts and foods. It's one of the "must-see" areas in South Korea. You can buy all of your souvenirs here, eat some traditional foods, and then visit an old-style tea house. You can always find some type of performance going on. You can also have your name painted in Korean characters on a scroll. This video clip gives a good tour of what's available. Jason



Here is a fun video that shows what you'll likely recognize as a regular walk in a downtown area at night. Going out in Korea is great. We've often found ourselves just standing around watching people go by and taking in all the surroundings. It's great to just sit outside a convenience store with an ice cream in one hand, your favorite drink in the other, chatting with a friend or just sitting and watching. This clip comes complete with Radiohead background music. Thanks to the publisher



Here is a video that someone took during a visit to South Korea. Although there are some parts that could have been edited to be a bit shorter, it gives you a good feel of what Korea is like when walking around. Since I am writing this from Canada as I pack to get ready to head back to Korea, I must say that it's getting me excited to go! Jason



Here is a little proof that break-dancing is alive and well in South Korea. It's also an example that the South Koreans like to have fun in regards to any military tensions with the north. If you travel throughout any Korean city, you are likely to come across an "event" outside of a department store featuring break-dance performances and other talent show type events. There's always something happening.



Here is a short video of someone who is having fun teaching in South Korea. He seems to have a good attitude and even though he is playing with the kids, you can tell that they listen well and that he has good control over his class. I'd certainly hire a chap like this. Click play to watch.




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