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Visa Transfer for Teachers In Korea on Current E2

(Click here to download Word version if you prefer to print)

This visa transfer process is for teachers who are about to finish a year of teaching and want to work at another school for their second year. (minimum of 9 months must be completed before starting this process)

Here we are going to explain the process for completing a visa transfer for those who are in Korea on a valid E2 visa and transferring to a new school.

In most cases, the school will take the documents to Immigration in order to get the transfer done. In this case, here are the documents that you need to prepare:

Teacher's Docs (For teacher to prepare and send)

Original Passport (must send original for processing)
Alien Registration Card (must send original for processing)
Letter of Release from current school (click here to download)
Power of Attorney (click here to download)
Signed contract (2 copies of signed contract)
Apostilled Copy of Diploma (notarized by Korean Consulate for Canadians)
Apostilled FBI-level check for Americans.

School Docs (School must prepare)

Signed contract/계약서(signed by both teacher/school)
Copy of business license (issued by Korean IRS) (사업자 등록증)
Copy of Hagwon establishment registration (학원 설립 등록증)
Affidavit Support by new Hagwon ( 신원 보증서)

위에 명시된 Visa Transfer에 필요하신 모든  서류를 지참하시어 출입국관리소를 방문해 주시기 바랍니다.

위에서류를 출입국 관리소에 제출하시고 visa transfer를 신청하시면
선생님께서 E2비자를 신속히 받으실수 있습니다.

stamps the new information in the teacher's passport and Alien Registration Card. Normally they do it all at the same time on the spot.

이민국에서 Visa transfer를 신청하시면 보통 당일날 E2 비자가 나오게 됩니다. 


Q. What is the Power of Attorney for?
A. The school is acting on your behalf for the visa transfer since you are not going in person. The Power of Attorney is a document that says that you give permission to the school to do the transfer on your behalf at the Immigration Office.

Q. What is the Letter of Release?
A. The Letter of Release is a document that verifies that you have completed or will complete your contract in good standing with the current school you are teaching at. Without this, the visa transfer can't be done.

Q. Who fills out the Letter of Release?
A. Your current school's director must fill it out. If you print off the file above and give it to your school's Director, they can fill it out, sign it, and give it back to you.

Q. Do you really need my passport and ARC? How about a photocopy?
A. The real passport and ARC are required to order Cialis online put the new visa in them. It's just like when you got your passport stamped before coming to Korea; they need the actual passport.

Q. I had an E2 visa in the past. Can I do this transfer?
A. No. This is for a current E2 visa to be transferred. Once you are finished your contract and leave, it is too late. This process must be completed before finishing your current E2. Otherwise, it's back to the start for you.

Q. I have a C4 camp visa. Can I do this transfer?
A. No. Sorry, needs to be the same visa (an E2)

Q. So, do I go for a Japan visa run with this?
A. No. You don't need to leave Korea for this type of visa transfer.

Q. The time is really tight and my current visa is about to expire. Any ideas?
A. Yes. Contact Immigration to get your current visa extended for 10-15 days for example, in order for the visa not to run out before the visa transfer process starts.

























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