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Although you will be provided with teaching material, you may at times be called on to fill in extra class time, or you may want to learn new techniques. Hooked on Phonics is a name everyone recognizes. We have partnered with them because not only do they offer products for families, they also offer products to educators such as yourself. We have included their description of their methods below. Feel free to check it out and learn more about some of the products that may help you in your teaching adventure.

If you are looking for other books on how to teach effectively, click here for our book store.

What makes Hooked on Phonics unique is that we use our proven learn-practice-play approach. We provide children with bite-sized pieces of new information in every lesson so they are able to master the new concept and achieve success every time.

The easy-to-follow learn-practice-play approach:

Learn: Kids learn a new skill or concept.

Practice: Kids practice the concept until they master it.

Play: Kids read great books and play games so they can enjoy applying their new knowledge.


The Hooked on Phonics® reading programs are based on respected research in reading, providing a balance of systematic phonics instruction and reading books. The scope and sequence of our programs were created with the guidance of reading specialists and teachers. The stories that accompany the lessons were written, not only to reflect the words learned in each lesson, but to be engaging stories that students enjoy. Each lesson is designed with the goal of ending with the reward of reading a story or book.

Our mission in designing curriculum is for every student to achieve measurable progress during each lesson, and to make it easy for you to achieve that goal. A few important hints can help ensure success with the program:

Individual Pacing

An important element behind the success of the Hooked on Phonics Classroom Editions is our commitment to meeting students' individual needs. This curriculum is adaptable to accommodate students learning at different speeds. Feel free to tailor it to fit the needs and pacing of your students.

Reading Aloud

We recommend that students using the programs say each word out loud and practice oral reading when reading the stories and books. This not only reinforces their learning but helps you assess mastery of the skills in the lessons.


It's very important that students master each lesson before moving on. Each lesson is increasingly cumulative, building on the skills learned in the previous lessons. Giving students the time and tools needed to master each lesson is key to gaining the greatest benefit from the program.

Our hope is that we've given you the tools to achieve measurable progress and for you and your students to achieve success each step of the way.




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