Korea, South Korea, Access South Korea now, Teach, ask now, travel, job, new job, money, teach english in koreaKorea, South Korea, Access South Korea now, Teach, ask now, travel, job, new job, money, teach english in korea Access South Korea Now
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Flash Audio Welcome to the ASK Now Shopping Page! We are building the biggest online shopping mall geared towards those who are getting ready to Buy cheap Cialis go to Korea, and for those who are already there. Keep visiting often as we plan to continuously update the site with more great products as we develop more partnerships with well-known companies. Enjoy your shopping, and let us know if there is anything you would like to find here.


We have teamed up with Amazon.com to feature books on Korea, the Korean language, culture shock, and teaching English. Of course, all books,CDs and DVDs are available, so check out the ones we've featured.


Are you looking for a computer while in Korea? We have a partner in South Korea who will send your computer directly to your school! Check out the different packages available.


If you are looking for a notebook computer, a digital camera, an MP3 player, or a camcorder, check out our electronics page, featuring Sony products.


Basic medical coverage is included in your contract, but in case anything major were to happen, you would definitely want additional coverage. We have a partnership with AIG Korea to provide very inexpensive additional coverage to make sure you have peace of mind while in Korea.

Luggage and backpacks

Of course, you will need a big pack, or a set of luggage. Perhaps you'll want a travel pillow, or a passport holder. We've teamed up with World Traveler.

Language Learning

If you want to learn Korean, check out the products by Transparent Language. You will be speaking Korean in no time!

Phone Services

When in Korea, you will want to keep in touch with your family and friends back home for as cheaply as possible (free, even). Here's how..

Teaching aids

Here, we feature some products that will help you when teaching. Another area to look is under the book section.


Check out these T-shirts designed for foreign teachers in Korea. Some funny stuff! Shipped to anywhere in the world! Which one fits your style?

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Claim a new and exciting job opportunity today! Visiting another part of the world for free while earning excellent money is not unrealistic. In fact, it’s easily accessible, and you can do it! There are boundless positions available to teach English