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Table of Contents

Places to See

            At this point, we will give a few highlights of places that are worth going to see.  Again, the list is by no means comprehensive; just something to get you started.

            If you like snowboarding or skiing, there are many options for you.  The season is short, usually from December to March.  January and February are the best months.  March can be good, because the traffic tends to thin out towards the end of the season.  The three biggest and most popular places are Yongpyong, Phoenix Park, and Muju Resort.  There are also many other resorts that you can visit.  The traffic on the hills tends to be busy, and there are often many people who are riding on slopes above their ability.  Aside from this, it can be a great way to get out of the city and get some fresh air.  The views from the mountaintop are often breathtaking.  It doesn’t usually get overly cold, so riding is quite comfortable.  There are many English-speaking people working, making rentals and accommodations easily accessible. 

Day trips are a great way to go about it too.  There are bus tours that run from various places throughout the country.  Whichever city you are in, you should have a bus available.  Again, enlist the help of someone you work with, or one of your Korean friends, to help you find out where the bus leaves from and at what time.  The way to go about it is as follows.  Reserve your seat on the bus, and find out where and when you are leaving.  If you do not have your own equipment, you can get a package including a lift ticket and rental on your bus.  If you have your own equipment, you need only pay for the bus and the lift ticket.  It is usually cheaper to get your lift ticket and rental through the bus than just buying it at the hill.  It has been our experience that when going to Muju, on the trip home, you get on the same bus as you came on. However, at Phoenix Park and Yongpyong, it is different. 

The first thing you should do is reserve your bus seat for the way back home.  When you get to the resort, go in and you will easily find a desk or two where they are taking reservations for the trip home.  You will have to go to the desk and tell them where you would like to go and at what time.  Once you have your seat reserved, it’s time to either hit the slopes, or get your rental equipment.  It’s easy to get your equipment sorted out; just follow the signs.  If you are renting, you will need your identification in order to get the equipment.  Also, shoe sizes in Korea are measured by millimeter, so there may be some confusion at first.  Try to find out what your shoe size is.  There should be a foot measure available.  Don’t forget to get to your bus on time, and bring something to drink and some snacks for the trip home!

            Basically any city you go to in Korea will have something interesting to see.  However, there are a few more popular cities when it comes to travel.  Busan (부산) is the second largest city in South Korea, and is located in the south.  It boasts many beaches and is a popular destination in the summer.  There are many things to see and do, and a trip to the tourist information booth will help you decide what you want to do.  Of course, a day at the beach is a good option as well.

            Jeju Island (제주도) is known as South Korea’s Hawaii.  It is a semi-tropical island with beautiful scenery, mysterious rock formations, and stunning waterfalls. The island is popular with Korean honeymooners.  When you arrive on Jeju, you may feel like you’ve gone to a different country.  Although you see and hear Korean, the vegetation and scenery is so different that you could be fooled into thinking you’ve gone much further.  It is one of Korea’s highlights, and you should make every effort to visit.  Since it is geared towards tourism, it is very easy to enjoy many different things. 

Traffic on the island is much less dense than in other areas of Korea.  Therefore, if you were thinking of renting a car and going on a road trip, this is the place to do it.  There are many car rental agencies right at the airport.  Your travel agent can book this for you as well, and usually for a good discount.  The island is easy to get around by following the map provided by the car rental agency.  Once there, you can find a multitude of accommodations ranging in price from affordable to luxurious.  If you are planning on luxurious, have your travel agent arrange it for you so you can get the best deal.  

            Kyung-ju (경주) is the ideal place to visit if you want to see some traditional Korean culture as well as some beautiful temples.  It is located in the eastern part of the country and is also at the top of the list of places to go.  It was the ancient capital of Korea at one point, and has a lot to offer for those interested in history. 

            There are a few areas known as “Min-Sok-Chon”(민속촌), which are traditional villages.  At these villages, the people live as they did back in the old days.  They wear traditional Korean clothes, known as Han-Bok (한복), and live in traditional houses.  You can see what life was like in Korea hundreds of years ago. 

            There are many mountains in Korea.  One of the most popular is Seorak San (서락산).  It is located in the northeastern part of the peninsula.  Seorak San is particularly famous for the changing of colors of the leaves in the fall.  Busloads of people head out east to witness this occasion.  There are too many mountains in Korea to begin to name them all here.  Let it be known that if you would like to get a good view of whatever area you are in, you will easily find a trail leading up to the top of a nearby mountain. Koreans love to climb.

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