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At the moment, the only phone option we can suggest is Skype. We used to suggest Vonage as an option, but for now, the use of the Vonage service is not allowed unless registered properly, therefore the Korean ISP's are not allowing it's use. Until that issue is settled, we are recommending the Skype service.

Skype - call the world at rock bottom prices


Skype - call the world at rock bottom pricesSkype is a program that allows you to do voice and video chat, as well as make calls to regular phones, and receive calls from regular phones from your computer.

It is similar to MSN Messenger, but seems to have a much better connection. Plus, you can actually "call" someone. It acts like a phone in that when you call someone, their computer rings like a phone, and they can answer it. It's pretty neat. This part is FREE! We like free!

If you want to call a regular phone, then you can purchase time, similar to a phone card. So, you can call anyone, anywhere. The rates are really cheap. It costs less than 3 cents a minute to call Canada, the United States, and Korea. This service is called "Skype Out".

So, you could call home and chat for an hour for under $2. Not bad. Your family can do the same.

You can also receive calls from regular phones. This is called "Skype In". Again, for under 3 cents a minute, people can call you.

Of course, you will need access to a computer. If you will not be bringing one or buying one, don't worry, you will never be more than 5 minutes away from high-speed internet access at Interned cafes called "PC Bang". You can also check out ASK Now's computer shop.

I would suggest trying the free one out. If you like it and want to call home with it, then load up with $10 at first and see how it works. Click on the links below to go to the site and check it out. It will open in a new window.

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