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I'm Jennifer and if you apply with ASK Now-ETO we’ll be chatting very soon. I came by my position as one of the recruiters with ASK Now rather unexpectedly when I returned from a year teaching in South Korea.

ASK Now was the recruiting agency my husband, best friend and I used when we decided to take the step into an adventure-filled year.  From the moment we applied with ASK Now until the moment we returned from Korea we all knew there was no better choice when it came to working with an agency.

So, you’re looking into moving to South Korea to teach English are you? Perhaps you have never been surer about a decision in your life. Or you might be one of those who need a little more information about this opportunity. Wherever you are in the process, ASK Now can help you. Once you’ve applied online I’ll be in touch to talk with you about what you’re hoping to get from your time in Korea.

As a former teacher and once client of ASK Now I can relate to your situation first hand. The majority of my working experience was with kindergarten and elementary students in a private school. I did however have the opportunity to work in a local public school from time to time where my husband worked regularly. I, like most, traveled for adventure, to pay down my university debt and because my best friend wanted some company. And like most people we wanted some assurance that someone with experience was helping us along the way and when we found ASK Now we knew we were in good hands.

After my year of living the dream, saving some much needed money and experiencing some of the best adventures ever, I needed to come home. Reluctantly I said good bye to my new friends, my co-workers and my wonderful students and headed home. Not too sure about the next step, I learned how to ride a motorcycle.

Thank goodness ASK Now needed a new member of their team because no one paid me to ride a motorcycle all day. I have been working with the team since August 2008 and can’t begin to tell you how much I love my job. I work with great people, talk with adventure seekers of all ages and never get bored sharing my experiences with potential teachers. Best of all I get to help others looking for an amazing time abroad.

Myself and the staff all want to help make this a smooth transition for you so we try to do everything we can to make that happen. With two offices in opposite time zones we are almost always available to answer questions and resolve any concerns. We are always working hard for you. So when people ask who you are working with, tell them the best team in the business.



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