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address info

We are happy to provide our clients and visitors to our site with a brief explanation of how to use the Daum Road View map. It is very similar to Google's Street View, but obviously the challenge being that it is in Korean. To follow along, click on this link to open a Daum map in a new window:

Street View Map of Coex Mall in Seoul (same as in example below)

When possible, we try to send a link to the Daum Road View of the school where we are sending an offer. So if you get a link in the job offer email we send you, just follow the instructions below to virtually explore the neighborhood you may soon find yourself in.


Basic Navigation

More Basic Navigation

Walking up and down a street

How to Jump to Another Location

Find something interesting? Send the link to a friend

Change the view to the overhead satellite

Overhead Satellite View

Changing from Map View to Satellite View

Perhaps you want to see a map view instead of an overhead satellite view. This is possible by clicking on the map view button. Or, perhaps you want to explore the overhead view but without all of the blue lines. In that case, toggle the Road View on and off. Note: You can click anywhere there is a blue line and get the Road View for that area.

Some Examples to play around with:

Don't explore too much here...save some fun for your trip!

Old Seoul Station and New Seoul Station

Hard Rock Cafe and Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon

Popular Meeting Place at Gangnam Station

Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong

Downtown Daegu

Haeundae Beach Area Busan

Jason's Place!

The ASK Now-ETO Office


Listen to learn more


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