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Beijing: Experience History

Great Wall of China
Hop on a plane and be in one of history's most famous cities in less than 2 hours

Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City. The Great Wall of China. Summer Palace. Home of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Silk Street Market.

Need more reasons to visit Beijing, China? Probably not, but if the above doesn't satisfy you, be sure to add bargain shopping, exotic street food, exciting nightlife, and hundreds of other attractions to your list.

With so much to see and do, you may want to have things well planned out. Luckily, you will have some of the worlds most famous historical sites and landmarks within striking distance. So, pick the ones you like best and hit those first.

But, be sure not to underestimate the fun of just wandering around and bargaining with the locals. Remember that whatever prices you are quoted are likely to be very inflated, but that's part of the fun. The best negotiating technique is to be prepared to walk away! I can tell you from my bargaining experiences in Bali that this is a sure-fire way to get a price drop.

Heading to Beijing offers a lot of advantages. First, it's about as close as you can get a flight to another country. Next, prices in China are much lower and the buying power of your Korean Won will go a long way. Also, with the 2008 Olympics, you will be able to see first-hand the changes in the city and the efforts to welcome visitors from around the world.

Be sure to bring your checklist of "places to see in my lifetime" because you'll be able to check off quite a few of them on this one trip! And if you're feeling adventurous and want to check off anything on your list of "things I though I would never eat", the street food markets at Donghuamen Night Market at Wangfujing Station is probably what you are looking for.

"If you can see only one city in China, it should be Beijing, because many of the capital's 'bests' are also China's 'bests.' " Frommers

Frommers: But grandiose emblems are not the only reason to visit Beijing. Scattered through the city's sprawl are a number of temples, museums, gardens, and other attractions that only grow in charm as they decrease in size. This principle culminates in the hútòng, narrow lanes that twist through older sections and form an open-air museum where you can happily wander for hours without aim.

At Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shlchang, the first asking prices for foreigners are at least 10 to 15 times those asked of Chinese, but this weekend market has the city's best selection of bric-a-brac, including row upon crowded row of calligraphy, jewelry, ceramics, teapots, ethnic clothing, Buddha statues, paper lanterns, Cultural Revolution memorabilia, army belts, little wooden boxes, Ming- and Qing-style furniture, old pipes, opium scales, painted human skulls, and more conventional souvenirs.

Hop on a flight and be in a new country in just a few hours

One of the benefits of living in Korea is that we can hop on a flight and be in a different country in just a few hours and for a few hundred thousand won. During your stay in Korea, it seems to make sense to take advantage of this and see as many places as you can, doesn't it?

One way to be sure to see as much as possible is to take advantage of the short flight times and inexpensive tickets to take weekend trips. It's amazing how much you can see in just one weekend.

Instead of taking a bus trip across Korea, take a flight across Asia!

We're working to bring you the best options for short trips leaving from Korea. Our goal with these trips is to make sure you see as much as you can and that you can enjoy new countries on a tight budget, both time, and money-wise. We put together trips that have different themes such as shopping, gambling, and culture, among others.

To do that, we've partnered with Kangsan Travel, a veteran English-speaking travel agent in Korea, to put together the best packages available. We make it simple for you.

No BS, no confusion, just straight up, easy-to-handle travel.

Forbidden City



Here is what is included in your package:

-Your airfare to and from Seoul or Busan to Beijing.

-Your hotel room for your stay.

-Everything is set up for you and you will receive an e-ticket with your reservation information. Just bring that to the airport, and you're ready to go.

-Don't forget, service in English with a company that has been working with foreigners for many years.

How easy is it to get this trip organized?

Step 1: Fill out the form below

Step 2: You will receive confirmation from a representative of Kangsan Travel

Step 3: You can pay by credit card or by bank transfer from your Korean bank account

Step 4: You will receive your e-ticket. Just print it off and you're ready to go!


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What are some of the main attractions in Beijing?

-Beijing has a long list of must-see attracions starting with the Great Wall

-Tiananmen Square is a historical site not to be missed

-The Forbidden City, once home to the Emperor for 5 centuries and now home of the Palace Museum

-Various markets, foods to sample, and nightlife to explore

-Much, much more!

Some People Regret Not Doing More With Their Time in Korea. How about you?

First-year teachers in Korea start at about a minimum of 2 million won per month. Most weekend trips can be budgeted for less than half of that amount. When people first apply with us, we are always interested in finding out what they want to do with their time in Korea.

Everybody says that they want to travel to different countries in Asia.

Of course! It makes sense. I did the same thing. Actually, I'm still doing it! Being in Korea and having access to so many great places is one of the benefits of the job. What I don't like to hear is when people finish their year and they regret not having done all they wanted to do.

When I first arrived in Korea in 1999, nothing got me more excited than hearing the veterans talk about recent trips they took to exotic places like Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong, Japan, China and other destinations. I was amazed at how many places they had been and wanted to do the same. I wanted to be part of that "travel across Asia" lifestlye.

After 5 years of teaching, I was able to join the conversation!

You really can't put a price on travel. Every trip you take exposes you to new ways of thinking, new ideas, and new traditions. It is impossible not to come back home with new ideas buzzing around in your head and it's impossible to get rid of the travel bug once you've been bitten. Once you start that collection of stamps in your passport, you want to keep it going.

OK, so where do I sign up?

Right here actually! Just fill in the form below and you will be e-mailed by an English-speaking representative of Kangsan Travel within 24-36 hours to confirm travel details and explain the payment method.

More info on Beijing at the official tourism site. Click here to open in a new window.

Please note that seats are limited for these packages and it is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Here are ASK Now's suggestions for destinations for short weekend trips and longer trips along with the flight duration from Korea to the destination.

Weekend Destinations Time Week-long Destinations Time
Korea to Beijing, China 1hr:45min Korea to Hanoi, Vietnam 5hr:00min
Korea to Tokyo, Japan 2hr:10min Korea to Bangkok, Thailand 5hr:20min
Korea to Taipei, Taiwan 2hr:40min Korea to Phonm Pehn, Cambodia 6hr:00min
Korea to Macau 3hr:40min Korea to Singapore 6hr:30min
Korea to Hong Kong 3hr:40min Korea to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6hr:45min
Korea to Manila, Philippines 3hr:55min Korea to Bali, Indonesia 6hr:55min
Korea to Saipan 4hr:20min Korea to Laos (via Thailand) 8hr:35min

Click on the links below to learn more about some destinations available.
Macau Hong Kong Beijing Tokyo

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