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Shinhan Bank

3 Easy Steps to Setting up Banking in Korea

Follow the instructions below to get yourself set up with a bank account in Korea without any hassle:

1. Download and Print Just download and print the files that are included below

2. Follow the instructions As you can see, the simple instructions are listed below.

3. Use the samples for info In order to get the forms filled out easily, just click here to see samples and instructions of how to fill out the forms and what information is needed.

In order to make your stay easier in Korea we’ve worked out an arrangement with Shinhan Bank so you can open a bank account as soon as you want. The current banking laws in Korea require a foreigner to have an Alien Registration Card as well as be in the country for a minimum of 3 months. This can be waived only if the manager of a bank approves.

      This law is in effect because of illegal phone phishing scams that have been taking place by illegal immigrants in Korea. We’re aware that English teachers aren’t the offending party but the law applies to all foreigners in Korea so we’ve worked things out with Shinhan Bank to allow ASK Now-ETO clients to open accounts with ease.

      All you need to Cialis online do is submit the following documents to your local Shinhan bank. To simplify the process we’ve included step by step instructions for filling out the forms and have also included a sample form that has been filled in. We’ve even supplied a letter to give to the person helping you to explain the situation. Once they confirm all of your paperwork they will be sending it to the Yongin City, Jukjeon Branch of Shinhan Bank where an account will be made for you. The account book and ATM card will then be sent to you. The entire process shouldn’t take more than one full week.

      Once the process is completed you’ll have a fully usable bank account in your name. In case you’re worried about any problems with your money you won’t need to deposit any money until the account is created. We at ASK Now – ETO will at no time receive or see your documents as everything will be delivered by courier by the bank. We just wanted to make sure that your stay in Korea is as convenient and comfortable as possible. 


The ASK Now-ETO Team

Required Documents

Click here to Download or Right-Click and "Save-As" to save to your computer

  1. Letter for your local Shinhan Bank
  2. Bank Application Form
  3. Criteria for Determination of Non-resident in Korea Form
  4. Customer Application Form
  5. Passport (your branch will photocopy it and return it to you)

 For those who want to send money home on a regular basis an Automated Wire Transfer Form is also available. This is optional and can be cancelled at any time. 

Click here to Download Automated Wire Transfer Form or Right-Click and "Save-As" to save to your computer