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1. START ABOVE This is a five-minute audio-visual presentation guaranteed to get you fired up about going. Just press play.

2. TAKE THE QUIZ to see if you qualify to teach in South Korea.

3. READ WHAT OTHERS SAY about the experience of teaching in South Korea.

4. LISTEN TO THE 50 MINUTE PRESENTATION to learn in great detail all you need to know about teaching in South Korea. Not sure if it's for you? Listen to this. Need more info? This is where you'll find it.

5. FILL OUT THE APPLICATION and let the adventure begin!

Want to speak to someone? Join our weekly Sunday chat by following this link.

Teaching English in South Korea is a great opportunity to explore the world while saving money and earning valuable job experience. If you would like to teach in Korea, ASK Now Inc. can help you accomplish this goal. Our role is to help you experience teaching English in Korea by taking away the stress of the job search. We walk you through the process, and make sure that you get a job that is right for you. Apply now, and let your adventure in Korea begin.
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